Friday, August 27, 2010

The Coolest Elected Official in America

Wow, Leon County! Jackie Pons is one very cool cool dude. No one expects the Superintendent of Schools to go out and join the search for a missing child. But our guy, Jackie Pons, instinctively did that -- found the boy, sensitively spoke with him, convinced him to go back to school. How fortunate a community is to have such a caring, involved leader providing such strong direction for public schools. Every parent in this community ought to feel very good right now -- that this one good man so naturally is in high gear all of the time for our students, parents, faculty, public education and community. If Jackie Pons' name appeared on November's election ballot (it won't until 2012), he would poll the highest percentage of votes in modern history. Today, he enjoys, anew, the respect of a grateful community. This is just an astounding anecdote that accurately depicts a profile in courageous leadership. Thanks, Jackie!

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